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Except, in standard trim, it won’t allow…. But its a great bike, good looking, plenty powerful enough for day to day road riding. Does what i want when i want. I've had a few bikes now, and heavily played with supermoto machines, a couple of sportsbikes, and even a Buell has been in the garage, but I needed something that was fun, easy to live with and could be used, and put away. Decoratiekit compatibel met Z750 2007-2012: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. Dit spatbord voor het achterwiel is van het hoogwaardige Italiaanse merk LighTech. Rewards committed riding, strong brakes resist fade well. If i had to pick minus points they would have to be the rear swing arm that looks budgety and i dont know if that has to do with the rear feeling when cornering or that maybe i just need to re-adjust the rear shock to suit me. The seat however, is uncomfortable, and will take some time to bed in. I've give 4 stars due to standard seat being a bit rubbish, I have changed to a Shad one which looks better and gives you another hours riding before numb bum. got a tail tidy and hugger ordered to tidy up the backend and keep crud off the rear shock. Show any 2007 Kawasaki Z750 for sale on our Bikez.biz Motorcycle Classifieds. I spent all day pushing them fairly hard and they didn't fade or let me down. A really good all round bike, looks cool goes well, super reliable and makes you smile like all good bikes should. but i love this bike a lot thanks for a good bike Kawasaki. A good step up too in that it is taller (I'm 5'7"), heavier and of bigger proportions to the ER6. Took delivery of my Zed on 2nd August and right up to the point of being handed the keys, I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Brakes work well, but braided lines do increase the feel. Major plus points were the styling, a good torquey engine, forgiving in nature but that raw type atitude you would expect from a naked sports bike. 226 kg / 498 lbs – Z750 (2007-2013) 230 kg / 507 lbs – Z750 ABS (2007-2013) 224 kg / 494 lbs – Z750R 227 kg / 500 lbs – Z750R ABS FRAME Type Tubular diamond (steel) Front suspension, travel 41 mm telescopic fork, 120 mm / 4,7 in – Z750 (2004-2006), Z750S Hepco&Becker Kawasaki Z750 Z1000 2007-2012 Sportrack Prima rekje ziet er goed uit en zit muurvast aan de motor Ophalen in Den Haag, of verzenden als pakket Is dus voor Z750 en Z1000 modellen van 2007-2012 Nieuwprijs 180 Euro Vraagprijs 99 Euro My last three bikes have been an R6(04), GSXR750 (04) and an R1 (O5)so you can see that i dont keep my bikes that long. It's good for a ride out, enjoying the bike, and with a nice aftermarket can, sounds good too. That's up to you lot. Inspect technical data. Try one, you'll then buy one !!!!! Part of the Kawasaki Z750 cost-cutting exercise involves simplifying the already budget suspension – only one fork leg controls front rebound damping and the forks and rear shock are particularly soft. Overall I am very pleased, Kawasaki have built a bike which has attitude when its stood still and it is far more fun to ride regardless of speed than many a “Super Bike”. De combinatie van een upside-down voorvork met stelmogelijkheden voor veervoorspanning en uitgaande demping en een (te harde) achterschokdemper is misschien niet perfect, maar bij gebruik op secundaire wegen valt er prima mee … very smooth through the gears,loads of torque and very quick when required. Even the exhaust has been designed to compliment the look. The decision was over a street triple and Gsr600. The Kawasaki Z750 has a very proven motor as it’s a down-sized ZX-9R engine – and that has been around in various guises for donkeys years – so it is definitely understressed. HOWEVER GOING OVER ANY TYPE OF UNEVEN SURFACE THE BACK END IS ALL OVER THE SHOP AND THE RIDE SCARY.WORST ASPECTS ARE THE SIDE STAND AND CRAP MIRRORS.THE STAND NEEDS TO BE 15MM SHORTER.UNLESS ON A SLIGHT INCLINE THE BIKE IS UNSTABLE ON THE STAND AND COULD BE BLOWN OR PUSHED OVER EASILY.THE MIRRORS ARE TOO SMALL AND I CAN'T SEE PAST MY JACKET SLEEVE(I AM A BIG BLOKE).DANGEROUS.ANOTHER GRIPE IS THE REAR MUDGUARD,AFTER RIDING IN THE RAIN YESTERDAY THE SPRAY DRENCHED THE PILLION AND THE WHOLE OF MY JACKET AND HELMET,....TOO NARROW KAWASAKI! Velg is ooit mat zwart gespoten met een spuitbus, waardoor het verf wat loslaat. Following the 636cc ZX-6R's lead, the firm simply entered the middle weight sector with a 600 that wasn't. I ride in all weathers and its never let me down, even suprised at how decent it looks even after 8k of miles... Engine really is a peach and I find I never need to change down, just open the throttle and away she goes....Buy one... Great bike, made the changeover from a Zx6rJ1 after 5 years and was a little worried about going to the Zed. But while the fuelling is good the power delivery isn't so inspiring. For most of us 100 BHP is more than enough. Fitted with kwak screen, belly pan also tail tidy and hugger. Visually the mostly all-new Z750 is a nice evolution of the original theme, and with enough differences to instantly tell it from its 1000cc big brother. A good all round bike at a budget price. All registered in England and Wales. I think people got the name of the Z750 exactly right by saying that about this bike. General information, photos, engines and tech specs for KAWASAKI Z750 specs - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Vraagprijs € 60 incl. Op te halen in de buurt van Groningen. € 4.850,00 29 dec. '20. Off to France on it soon and can't wait. This feature is not available right now. Get one you wont regret it. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Met de modelupdate van 2007 won de Z750 aan punch (betere afstelling bij lage toeren en in het middengebied) en aan comfort (merkbaar minder vibraties). Rear suspension isn't top notch, however this keeps your speed to more manageable levels and makes you concentrate on the riding which I like. just finished running in . kawasaki Z750 2007-2014. The bike does need a rear hugger and tail tidy neither of which i have yet. It's a gen 1, but it goes well, handles and stops, might not be a world beater, or a Sunday GP racer, but that's not what I want it for. Inclusief lagers, schijfrem, tandwiel en drager, Achterband pilot power met 30% profiel (los erbij). The Kawasaki Z750 was offered in black, blue and orange from 2008. Simple to look after, the rear tyre has lasted 4k and will need changing before MOT, front did 6k before change. Brakes are a little underpowered but the action is smooth, as if Kawasaki intended them to appeal to newer riders rather than track day heroes, which is probably precisely the case. After looking at what else was on the market I decided on the Z750 in silver (which in the flesh looks better than in the brochure) had sports bikes before so wasnt sure if it was gonna be a love or hate relationship... love it! Kawasaki Z750 2007 testverslag Op het eerste gezicht zou je denken dat er in het gamma van Kawasaki een leemte bestaat. Ik heb vorige week flinke schade gemaakt aan mijn motor (z750 2009) en zoek nu o.a. Pas de problèmes : elle sera aussi disponible en 3/4 de litre. The clocks have changed too, with a neatly balanced analogue and digital layout featuring a clear, white-faced tacho in place of the old model's illegible LCD effort - just like the Z1000's you'll have seen on the previous page. In car terms you'd call it understeer, but to me that word forms an image of sliding tyres. By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from crash.net that may occasionally include promotional content. Should still be top of the class, Great fun, and looks the business. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, Buy one, I doubt you will be disappointed. Should still be top of the class. Het model dat er het dichtst bij aanleunt is de Z750 … Considering the Zed is a naked 750 street bike, I was a little surprised and disapppointed to find it wouldn't wheelie in first off the throttle. When updated models and new bikes such as Suzuki's GSR600 came looking, the Zed kept its guard up and defended the title. I'm more than impressed with the none ABS brakes, ride position (although the seat is still a little hard) and responsiveness from the engine, a great bonus having the 750 when comparing with others in its class which are 600 units. Last week I did 320 miles riding in day which is a lot for me and Z was perfect, mix of motorways, A and B roads. Easy to ride with plenty of power. Butch styling, seen boy racers giving sneaky side glances. Very impressed . Ik kwam toevallig een voorvork voor een Z1000 2003-2006 (model ervoor) tegen en vroeg mij af of deze past. ABS version. Kawasaki Z750: Motor Type viercilinder lijnmotor: Koelsysteem vloeistofkoeling: Cilinderinhoud 748 cc: Boring x slag 68,4 x 50,9 mm: Compr. Go test ride one, you'll be amazed! I managed to get my black Z750 on 0%finance with nearly £700 off the list price - a bargin compaired to it's rivals. Comfy riding position. Was lent a ER-6n 09 model when tail tidy and hugger was being fitted, can't believe there is so much of a difference. This means the handling of the quick-ish steering Kawasaki Z750 soon starts to go south when the bike’s pushed hard. Ook de baotian, crosser en tdm 850 worden aangeboden en gezocht op Marktplaats. All seems to be bedding in well and can't wait till the running in period is over for a taste of what it has in the pot. The Z750 is an amazing bike to look at, nothing touches it in this class, with it's striking lines and simple colour scheme. Motor is rijklaar voor dit motorseizoen. That the old 750 beat a CBR600RR and Speed Triple in our King of Bikes test demonstrated the versatility it offered. Better than the harsh ER6f suspension. The ABS is also a good set-up; it doesn't cut in too early, and the action is unintrusive. I wanted a green Z750 but am so glad I got a black one which looks much better in reality than the promotional material (Get a tank pad fitted when you order to ovoid unsightly tank scratches) the overall build quality is very good although the rear swing arm does look a little cheap compared with alloy items on similar bikes. just to reasure anybody having doubts after reading roadtests commenting about handling, take it from an owner they handle very nicely, although very firm they are flickable and very stable. Rust on some of the metal work, swingarm, and under seat, but nothing a winter fettle wouldn't cure. The Zed won't slide away from you - it feels very stable - but lines can get a bit wayward if you're not fully committed. Will sales success follow? Its only major downfall is the level of equipment you get, but most bikes will have been customised in some way anyway. So in January with snow on the ground i had to order one, completely different to my previous bikes but had to see what it was like, i ordered a black one being a boring chap trying to play safe but in the end changed my order for the green one, im glad i did now as its cracking. Foto volgt. Aansluit diameter is 55mm. Mine has a gear indicator fitted which is a nice touch, the trip meter and clock are useful and the white rev counter just looks the part. 650,00 (Factuur aanwezig). Before i opted for the zed i weighed up what i wanted, of which 4 bikes stood out, each had their plus points but only the zed offered all the things i was looking for. Exiting second gear corners at 5000rpm and winding the throttle on the tacho needle meanders rather than spins around the dial, and only gets into its stride over 7500rpm. PICKED UP THIS BABY YESTERDAY WITH ONLY 900 MLS ON THE CLOCK,IN SILVER,WITH ATTITUDE.HAD THE CHOICE BETWEEN SILVER AND BLACK,THE BLACK HAVING 3000 MLS ON THE CLOCK AND ONLY A £200.00 PRICE DIFFERENCE. Trying to rush it and throw it from ear to ear seemed to tie the bike in knots. When the tacho needle hits 6500rpm the Kawasaki Z750 comes alive. I'm using Dunlop Qualifier 2's and these work well for me. VERDICT 4/5 Great fun, and looks the business. Fly screen a must, but can cause vibration, easily fixed with some screen trim. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. 6:33. Kawasaki Z 750 2007 - Fiche moto - Vous avez craqué sur la nouvelle 1000 mais son gros moteur vous intimidait ? verzendkosten. ... circuito de albacete, tanda rapidos con Z750 - Duration: 6:33. After much deliberation I took the plunge and took delivery of a spanking new Zed 09 model. Heeft nog dit maand (Juni 2019) een grote beurt gehad t.w.v. Much underrated in its original guise, the Kawasaki Z750 mimics the new stunning Kawasaki Z1000 for attitude, but has an engine that reaps rewards when abused and comes at much better price due to lower spec chassis parts. I picked the bike up £700.00 less than list with 0% finance so i added those items in the deal so all in all a great bargain, just cant wait to hit that 6,000 rev mark and get a real feel for what the bike rides like. The tacho/speed display is by far the best in class, simple and functional. Achtervelg voor een Z750 uit 2007. No storage and my pillion can't get on! Obviously not much wind deflection at speed but I could have gone for a super sport if that is what I wanted. if anybody is thinking about one then my advise is to go and treat yourself, you won't be dissapointed. On the naked middleweight block, the Z750 was very much the Daddy. Aansluitdiameter 51mm Prijs: 35,- euro Please try again later. Z750 avec pot laser GP-Style de R6 2007. Kawasaki Z750 (2007) Kawasaki heeft een nieuwe motor gepresenteerd: de Z750. David oliva 32,713 views. The Kawasaki Z750 is a rev-happy chap that also comes with a half decent amount of low-down pull – thanks to reworked fuel injection and engine internals. Motor remblokken voorzijde Kawasaki Z 750 Z750 met & zonder ABS 2007 - 2011 YMP142F remblok rem voor. Thoroughly Recommended..! The second version of the Kawasaki Z750 hits the right spot for lovers of style and a zinging engine. The suspension which has been criticized in the press is fine at the speeds I ride. Overall, go with your heart not your head! There are 22 Kawasaki Z750 owners' reviews on MCN right now, with an overall score of 4.7 stars out of 5. Thoroughly enjoy the zed and recommend to anyone who gets secondthoughts after reading numerous roadtests making comments about handling, brakes or whatever, for most of us all bikes a cracking and we never quite understand what the journalist mean. ... Het slanke, compacte frame maakt de Z750 wendbaar en zorgt voor nauwkeurige rijeigenschappen. Hét verkoopargument van de Z750 is het blok. Het nieuwe frame van deze Japanner geeft de rijder ook zeer veel feedback. absolutely love the bike, i have gone from sports bikes (zxr, r6, RSV millie) to this my 1st naked bike and not looked back since! I attended the NEC bike show, and once again sat on all the bikes in this class, I'm more than happy I've made the right decision. Its cool, quick, forgiving and fun. I was going to change it after 2 years of ownership but have decided against it. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. Love this bike better than a Bandit, my two faults with it are the slash from the rear wheel when its wet but hopefully the rear hugger will stop that when i get it fitted I've only made one modification, and that's a tail tidy, which wholly complients the style. Let op: Productstatus "Beschikbaar" betekent dat het product leverbaar is. Dit merk staat bekend om zijn zeer mooie afwerking en goede pasvorm. (db killer zit er nog in). !.NECESSARY ADD ONS WIL BE FENDER EXTENDER,REAR HUGGER,BETTER SEAT(NO PADDING IN THIS ONE),AND A SCREEN.SUSPENSION NEEDS ADJUSTED/FIXED.THIS WILL BE A RIGHT FEW BOB!. Lees z750 2007 beoordelingen en z750 2007 ratings – Koop betrouwbare z750 2007 op AliExpress! It was, in fact, the Z750. verh. A greta bike. Had her for two weeks now and im absolutely lovin it.Got the green n black one,ex demo 1200m otc for 4300quid.Run in n ready to go.Even in standard guise i get looks wherevr i go.Didnt think id get as many turned heads as i did with my SV,which was totally modded up,But its a close run thing.The riding position is just spot on.Nice n upright round the town,plenty of room to chuck yourself around on the twisties and plenty room to tuck in at speed.This is my first taste of windblast and you sure do feel it at speed.around the ton mark,which you will experience within the first 4/5 seconds of your ride if you so wish,you gotta hold on tight.This thing just seems to go and go and go.5k rpm and she just comes alive.Screaming motor.Slick feeling gearbox means you can get the power down smoothly.Best thing about the whole package though is that all the power is useable,it really suits the type of riding i do which involves the daily commute of 30 miles and the weekend for some playtime.Honestly, get one, you will not be disappointed. Read our in-depth, expert 2007 Kawasaki Z750 review on MCN - hits the right spot for lovers of style and a zinging engine. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. Having owned this bike for just over a month from new, i dont feel totally qualified to offer a truly valid opinion BUT! My First Z and I Love it. Zeer nette en goed onderhouden Kawasaki Z750 2007 met 41xxx op de teller. Sidestand can be tricky with rear pegs in the way. View and Download Kawasaki Z750 ABS service manual online. The most responsive and enjoyable part of the rev range is from just under 8000 to 11,500rpm, 1000rpm before the rev limiter brings a gentle interruption to your fun. Pour le look, rien à … Z750 ABS motorcycle pdf manual download. Toen Kawasaki in 2003 zijn wat brave imago in het nakedsegment – de ZR-serie – bruut overboord gooide met de introductie van de Z1000, kon een kleiner broertje niet lang op zich laten wachten. Buyers are clearly pleased. Accessoires en onderdelen voor de Kawasaki Z750 vind je op deze pagina in onze webshop. If you're planning on buying a Z750 you might want to have it set-up just right for you - the ride was much better after I'd made a change. De ServoBuddy servo eliminator is dé oplossing voor iedereen die een sportuitlaat geplaatst heeft. Koop je favoriete motor op Marktplaats. Loading... Unsubscribe from Kawasaki? Lees 2007 Z750 beoordelingen en 2007 Z750 ratings – Koop betrouwbare 2007 Z750 op AliExpress! I did get the rear seat cover, belly pan and windscreen all of which are great additions. een andere voorvork. I have had some very good motorcycles over the years but I really enjoy the experience on the Kawasaki Z750, the engine is smooth from idle with enough torque to ride anywhere in the rev range, the gearbox was a little clunky when I was running it in but everything changes when you push the bike harder. Visually the mostly all-new Z750 is a nice evolution of the original theme, and with enough differences to instantly tell it from its 1000cc big brother. Now, I should explain that my previous bike history is only a Bandit 1200 and 600, (both from new). Mine's black (green not available, and I'm glad now I didn't have the option) and all you need do is get a tail tidy and a small number plate - it's a real head turner..! Yes, the seat can become uncomfortable after 120 miles or so but other than that i couldn't of made a better choice and it puts a smile on my face every day i ride it. Laser x-treme dempers + cat voor kawasaki z750s – z750s – z 750s – z750 s – kawasaki z750s bouwjaar: 2005-2006-2007 kleur: rvs de Nieuw € 315,00 7 dec. '20 Hornet definately more nimble - or maybe I haven't mastered it yet! No gizmos to speak of and enough usable power without a threatening to high side out of every corner. Got a Kwak flyscreen and bellypan. All Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle specs. Took the plunge in buying (new) as had read bad things about the suspension. The clocks have changed too, with a neatly balanced analogue and digital layout featuring a clear, white-faced tacho in place of the old model's illegible LCD effort - just like the Z1000's you'll have seen on the previous page. Start relais voor de kawasaki z750 en z1000.deze is werkend gedemonteerd.past op de volgende bouwjaren:-z750 2007 tm 2012-z1000 20 Gebruikt € 19,00 21 nov. '20 Hugger van carbon voor de Kawasaki Z750 bouwjaar 2007-2013. Would be nice to have a little bit of storage under the seat but there is nothing. It goes well with a tweak here and there, plus it looks sharp and is priced competitively. Korte linkpijp voor de Z750 Er zitten door het draaien van de bocht wel wat krasjes op, zie foto! Easy to ride fast or slow and gets lots of admiring comments when parked up. Also for: Z750. just finished running in my new Z750, bit of a chore but hopefully worth it in the long run. Let op: Er kunnen universele artikelen worden getoond die niet geschikt zijn. Als het een universeel artikel betreft wordt dit aangegeven in de omschrijving van het artikel. Adjusting the rebound damping by half a turn reduced the tendency but didn't eliminate it. VAT no 918 5617 01 The new model has a lot to live up to. Het merk heeft namelijk geen enkele naked bike viercilinder in zijn aanbod met een cilinderinhoud van 600 cc. Moving the Kawasaki Z750's engine mounts has also put paid to most of the vibes that afflicted the previous model. great motor , very comfortable great bike.Went from a triumph tiger to this bike , was a bit worried about comfort & handling but so far this is light years better than the triumph , spped , handling the lot !!!! Motor heeft Mivv titanium double gun uitlaat met ongeveer 1000/1500km mee is bereden. Going touring through france on 20th May so looking forward to comparing my previous trips. The only thing lacking is some storage for a lock, puncture repair kit etc. If the price was higher then the Kawasaki Z750's score rating would be considerably lower, but as it is a built-to-a-price motorcycle…. Het nieuwe frame van de Z750 wordt gecombineerd met een opnieuw getunede motor.

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