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I’ve had other fish before but never a betta. He still has a little bulge on the back end where I think the swim bladder is. I feed him 2 pellets in the morning and 2 or 3 in the evening. I’m so glad I found this page – I am a brand new (surprise) betta mom. CT: crown tail , désigne un betta ayant la queue en couronne. So I’ve had him and the tank for over 24 hours now. Aren’t they so cool? What causes the slick on top of the water in a freshwater tank? Hi! I’m back on the bettafix and nothing. With a filter in the tank how often should I do a 100% water replacement? I’ve been reading about bettas here and there for about a year, but I accidently just had an all nighter researching proper tank maintenance, plants, setup, and fin rot treatment because I’ve just been so worried about him. Understand that products like these, however, do not replace actually vacuuming the substrate and doing water changes – but they can reduce some of the waste build up and how often these actions are needed. I’m not sure if you’re still in the market for a tank, but if so, the Penn Plax Vertex is a decent budget-friendly entry-level tank. On évitera l'eau du robinet, qui est souvent trop dure et trop riche en nitrate. Nitrate: 0/20 PPM Tammy. I don’t want to screw up somehow and kill the fish. I didn’t know what would happen to the fish if they didn’t get taken so that’s why I’m here now, trying to learn about these guys. But today I’m noticing his waters a bit cloudy; not so crystal clear. Females, however, can live together in groups of five or more, but the tank size should double to 10 gallons or more. Will he be okay with that? This affects what type of care you will need to provide him or her over time. (I don’t have a typical day and night schedule as he would flare and get upset when I turned off than light). Im readin the info on this site and now I’m not sure if my purchase was right. This can take weeks and most novice hobbyists simply don’t have the patience, or buy the betta the same day they buy the tank. days at my heyday for 6 mo. should be replaced if they were soaked in bleach. I just don’t want to risk doing something wrong and making him worse. Check that your water temperature and parameters are in the proper range. You’re not feeding him a lot, but he could still be bloated from constipation. Betta fish can be very picky eaters too. Not sure about it’s sex. Bryan go ahead say it….. I don’t have a filter hooked up yet, but I’m thinking I’ll hook it up when I do his next water change and see if it bugs him. Males make a bubble nest in anticipation of mating, where they will take care of the eggs in the bubble nest. Fast for a couple more days and see if things improve. petco pfff. It’s very aggravating and I agree with you. It’s very rare to see a betta fish poop, so that’s not surprising you haven’t. What would be good for a 3 gallon fish bowl. I have a thermometer and often it reads somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s and then I have to unplug it. The average room temperature in a home is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below their required temperature. What do i have to do to take care of them because i read your atricle vut says they need different care. I plan on housing 2-3 females in a 10 gal tank. (Would explain the ammonia, if he’s dead. Evelyn, you can read the food and feeding page to see some other options I recommend. I also have another fish that is sick. I’ve recently bought a blue male dragonscale delta tail. I am however diligent with water changes. Betta fish need plants and hiding places to feel safe. Still, have questions? Yes, all new water going into the tank should be treated with conditioner to remove harmful things like chlorine. Dulling colors or loss of color however indicates stress. Sounds like she doesn’t like the kind you have. I think he is sick. Thanks! Constant flaring can cause a lot of stress, and should subside after a few days when they get used to their new territory and habitat. tank with no tank mates. Some bettas are too aggressive to live with other inhabitants, but they can play nice with certain tank mates that are non-aggressive and do not possess any bright colors or long fins. Yeah, they are temporary housing Rita because of their aggression towards their species and other brightly colored or long finned fish. Nitrate should be less than 40 parts per million (ppm). I did not notice that before my last full cleaning that a lot of water had evaporated from the tank leaving the water level BELOW THE FILTER! I have a filter for up to a 10 gallon tank and change the filter and water regularly (not at the same time). Betta Plakat Black 4-5; Betta Plakat Black 4-5. Just stays at bottom. I’ve had him for about a week now. Avoid the headache of transhipping with Prism Bettas Premium Imported Show Bettas located in in Illinois. If your room is dark and the tank light is on, it will also provide a greater reflection. I’ve been searching relentlessly about why this might be happening and I’ve never heard anything about why baby bettas should not be in a community tank. La dureté Totale (GH) idéale se situe aux alentours de 10 GH. Eviter de donner trop d'aliments gras comme les Tubifex, ou constipants comme les vers de vase. Thanks in advance for your time! If so, how many sides and what kind? Heaters that are adjustable and contain a built-in thermostat are the best solutions. Also, how can I keep my betas from getting fin rot? i already have a good day to night schedule set up for the lizard and as the heat lamp for my snake has a relatively low light level, he took maybe a week to adjust to having this small amount of light and he sleeps quite well (its adorable, once i find him between the leaves in his enclosure, he is so peaceful looking), i was wondering if a betta may adjust the same way he has and adapt to having a low amount of light at night. What can a person do? Proper betta care includes a systematic maintenance schedule. I would start by checking the water parameters, ensuring the pH is in the correct range and ammonia is not building up and above 0ppm. Replicating their feeding environment and food will keep them happy and healthy. My last question: on the edge of his fins, it’s completely clear, is that normal? That’s normally a preference unless you find that your betta is constantly flaring and being aggressive to his own reflection. Betta fish are not very strong swimmers and a filter can stress them out if the current is too strong. Where can I find that beautiful rectangular tank that you use for the “tank” section picture!!!! i am taking care of a sad and cold beta. Betta Fish Food; Betta Additives, Treatements; Filtration For Betta Aquariums; Decorations for Bettas; Betta Plush Toys; Bubbles Betta Shirt; Betta Maintenance; Fish Food Expand child menu. I just have it hooked inside the tank and plug it in. About once a month I find a blob of poop, about 3/4 size of a small pea, at the bottom of the aquarium. Recently, the first baby betta I had bought died. I was following your advice and doing the water changes but that didn’t seem to help too much. We carry male, female, multicolor, galaxy koi betta fish, half moon plakat and other types of betta … Water quality declines as ammonia builds up from waste and uneaten food. To put this into perspective, you could live survive inside a tiny wooden box too if given food and water right? Keep a pH kit in your supplies to test your tank’s water. Mine does too but I give him 3 pellets, twice a day and I check if he has finished it or not. If your tank is getting dirty faster, check the last time you’ve changed your filter media. Use an 8-10 gallon or larger aquarium to provide enough space for a proper community habitat. What is the answer to this abuse? With proper care, it’s also common for a betta’s colors to change or become more vivid. No whit spots. I refer to this website very often. Des poissons de fond paisibles tels que les corydoras peuvent également être envisagés si le sol présente de nombreuses cachettes. I treated it with salt and water drops, but it always came back. I’ve been researching like crazy before I buy the fish, but haven’t found anything pertaining to blue lights. He spends 90% of his day flaring at himself, diving aggressively down to the floor, and then going up for air. Will they get better? This means he’s trying to attract a mate/female and is healthy. I bought a fish tank the shape of a fish it holds a gallon if I put another half gallon in it ; it will go to the top I bought this because all I ever see bettas in are small bowls so I thought I was doing a good thing now reading this don’t know what to do the tank is really nice to. I changed its tank using bottled mineral water. Just the back is ideal unless you want further protection from sunlight near a window, then the sides can be ideal as well. Betta’s can go 14 days without food before they starve to death, just like a human. It is relatively inexpensive to obtain, and there is abundant stock in the local fish shop. Is your tank near direct sunlight? He only sleeps when its dimmed all the way barley to the point about to flicker. If you really wanted to adjust the KH, they do sell products to increase it. The easiest way is with a heater because it warms up the water slowly which is recommended to prevent sudden changes and stress. Plants won’t replace a filter, but they definitely do help. Heavily planting the tank can also break up how the light is moving around the tank. I’ve had them in there for a few months now, low flow filter, 50 watt heater, and tons of silk plants. He doesn’t seem sick. Maintenance - When you did the full water change, did you acclimate him back into the tank or just dump him back in? They can be rinsed under hot hot tap water and left to dry after. My betta has bad fins. If in doubt, always ask a local pet store employee before you buy a potential community fish, or read the forums at Recently, more of this coloration has appeared in tail fins, I assumed as result of color-enhancing food formula. he’s cold and sad, mr. fish. I wish i could print this page for my friend who said “it’s only a fish” which kind of broke my heart. Never clean a tank or its components with soap! Hi, my Betta Fish has little tattered fins. If that’s the case, it may be necessary to reduce stress. I am just recently getting back into caring for bettas and have a red half-moon Max. So, I want to get a fish, and I was hoping for an angel fish because I grew up with those. Betta fish need natural or artificial light while they are awake during the day, and darkness at night so they can sleep. Our online tropical fish store carries rare male and female betta fish. Traditional plakats will have two rays. * Indicates required field. They get their food and everyone else gets theirs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to buy show quality bettas at an amazing price. Hi Paxx – I am in the process of working on guides for equipment, sorry they aren’t up yet! I have been doing research for months before I started college, so I could have a little friend with my while I started my journey. Monthly or weekly? Is there anything else I can do. Hi there! And letting the roots grow in the water! The ideal scenario is to cycle the tank to fully establish a stable nitrogen cycle before the addition of any fish. The clear edges may be new fin regrowth. If the filter is blowing him around the tank and he has to swim furiously to get to the surface for air or just around the tank, then it’s a problem. Please read all of the information about betta care on this website and get an aquarium with a filter and heater. I am having him for a week and he seems to already recognizes me. My fish is a happy fish, he swims all around the bowl , eats pellets when I give . That’s very unfortunate about the employee’s knowledge and negligence. Good luck to you both. Till he finishes it’s fine, his food his way to eat. He is also my second betta to have owned (my first was Rainbow and he lived 5 years). With proper care, your betta could live up to ten years despite their average life of 2-4 years. Always rinse, rinse, rinse all surfaces with clean water to remove any bleach traces before refilling. Removing too much of the existing water in the tank and then adding new can cause your fish to go into shock. Try soaking the pellets in some tank water for a few minutes before adding them in if he eats the pellet as soon as it hits the water. I have had 2 betta fish one lived for 1 month and did fine until I had an ammonia flare up and the other I only had for 8 days. Does the filter noise bother or stress them out? Can I house less than 4 female bettas together? What can I use as a lid? How Long Do Betta Fish Live? It is safe to put my betta fish into the tank??? Only remove your betta during 100% water changes. A change in color, getting more vibrant for example, is no reason for alarm. There is the traditional Plakat where the tail is rounded, sometimes with a point. At first I only had to take out about25% of the water about every two weeks, but now every week I have to clean out his whole tank, take him out, and scrub everything to ensure it is clean. I’m very very worried about my baby. I am due to do another full cleaning which makes me nervous but I am going to take it slow and make sure I am not misoany steps. I don’t allow them to be in my room when I’m not home or when I am a sleep other than that can go in and out of my room as they please. He’s always ready to eat. Am I doing something wrong? Betta fish prefer water in the pH range of 6.5-7.5. Also, I have two cats how would I get them to leave it alone besides shutting my door because I love having them in my room when I am home and I love playing with them. Betta fish deserve the right to live a long and healthy life in captivity. Also, you could fast him for a day or two and see if things improve. my beautiful halfmoon betta makes small bubbles almost like a nest, A friend said it means he is happy in his environment. Never place 2 males, or a male and female in the same tank unless breeding. Betta fish need access to the water’s surface to gulp air using their unique labyrinth organ. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cleaning your tank and its decorations is very important for your betta fish’s health. Habitat, temperature and food – These are the three areas which determine the life of your Betta. The lights are definitely nowhere near as bright as the daytime light. It’s hard to gauge how much you should be feeding a betta. Steal it and give it a better home….it deserves it…. Do you know what this could be? Prune live plants, clean fake plants, decorations, and algae. Premium Quality Plakat Betta for Sale This page shows some of the types of Plakat Betta for sale at our online retail Tropical Fish store. He may eat one pellet then runs to the bottom. You will be very sad if your betta jumps out and dies that way. my main concern with this is the lighting. Someone suggested not feeding him for a couple of days. I don’t think you’re doing too much, just keep an eye on everything. I forgot to tell you that my Betta doesn’t poop, or at least I haven’t seen him poop, all I see is thrown up balls of the food that I give him. I’ve never had any fish since when I was around four years old, and those were goldfish that died pretty quickly, so obviously I’m new at all this. Ph is 6.5. We both feel bad for the poor guy and want to help him. That is not a suitable permanent long-term habitat for Tempest to remain healthy in, and you’ll also need a heater to maintain the right temperature. Help? Also, he has 2 silver strips of color on his red fins, is that normal? My question is: Is this plastic tank causing him undue stress? I am inheriting a betta, he will be staying in a 20 gallon heavily planted tank. It’s not required, but it can aid their overall health. Prolonged agitation can lead to ripped fins, acute stress, and even death. So I went to Petco and bought three more female baby bettas. He will chase my finger when I put it up to the glass and seems to be doing well overall. Yes, you should be doing several smaller ~25% water changes weekly. All the water parameters are in check. Keeping a betta’s tank (ecosystem) clean is crucial to their health and happiness. Mustard Gas Halfmoon Plakat Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$19.99 Black Orchid Halfmoon Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$34.99 CA$34.99 Aqua Blue Halfmoon Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 CA$29.99 Mustard Gas Halfmoon Betta (PRE-ORDER) CA$29.99 … So hopefully you have good results. : Above: a male Plakat Betta for sale in our fish store.. There are two settings for the lights. Back to norm. If not, pat yourself on the back for doing research prior to purchasing one. Fast forward a couple days later and I noticed one of my other bettas had a fungal infection. Upgraded 1 betta tank from 1.6-gallons to a 5.2-gallon aquarium, will be upgrading the kids’ betta tank as well!! When I feed the fish the 2 female bettas beat the neons and the Columbian tetras to the food. This the ancestor of all the Bettas we have developed today. This includes the recommended tank size, water quality and maintenance, feeding, and much more! Males are the opposite being larger in size, they have brighter coloring (bright green, blue, red, etc. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have your betta fish at home. Maybe 1/4-gallon tank, no decorations or heat, just an empty bowl. Can I just use a turkey baster (one just for the tank)? Non-filtered and smaller tanks require more frequent maintenance. If it’s green algae, you’ve had the light on too much. What’s wrong? If it’s brown algae – not enough. A vase takes up about as much space as a 2.5 or 3-gallon tank, so I would continue trying to persuade them. It doesn’t appear that there is any algae growing in the tank. Betta mâle Plakat Dumbo. Can you help me better understand what has just happened? Maintain a tropical habitat at 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. Artificial lighting is recommended, placing your betta fish’s habitat away from windows. Thanks. They are stressed easily, which can lead to sickness, and should not be in a tank that’s larger than 3-gallons either until they have matured. I figured they would be more comfortable around each other if they grew up together as well. Love this site! Thank you again, I am planning on getting a betta for the first time soon. Removing 25-50% of the tanks water and refilling with similar temperature and pH dechlorinated water is the safest route. These will … Nitrite should ideally be zero parts per million (ppm). Part of betta fish care means regular feedings! Hi Elle. The subject is about full water changes for your betta fish tank. Since I am new to take care of betta fish. You can add a couple decorations, plants, or a leaf hammock, that’s a better habitat than emptiness. It is a small tank-don’t know exactly how big-less than 5 gallons. Females can live together in a “sorority” of 5 or more. Is “Natural Rapport’s Gravel Cleaner” good to use in a 6 gallon aquarium? I also bought a small flat heater for him since its kinda cold in my area. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are very common with beginner aquarists. I have been all over the web and am getting so much conflicting information. What exactly do i have to do.? We fasted him then gave him 1/4 of a pea. Yes, you can. I would like to keep my fish for as long as possible. Bryan, I wanted to let you know that I have done so many of the suggestions and finally, finally he is showing much better response. Also, your chlorine is at 0.5 and should ideally be at 0.0ppm which can be improved by doing another 15% water change and measuring again. Betta fish need natural day and night light cycles. It also means knowing what causes stress and disease so you can avoid it. Persistent refusal may mean trying a different brand or blend until you find the right one. you spelled your name wrong . The second one sounds like potential stress or water that is too cold. His symptoms are not that of overfeeding, so not feeding him is not going to help. I’ve put a tank in the same spot in the past and don’t recall it heating up but am wondering if I should have some sort of barrier just to be safe. I see you mention aquarium salt and Indian Almond leaves. You can use the turkey baster in-between the bigger cleanings. How big is his tank? He poops good too. Now i am worried i got the wrong tank. It can be found in round or spade tail. As I was a new fishkeeper, I found myself full of questions about betta fish care. Do not let the mixture stay on any aquarium or decoration’s surface longer than 10 minutes. Nitrite: 0PPM Should we be doing partial water changes? He has a heater, filter, hideouts, two silk plants, and one live plant. I’m confused with so many information everywhere. My red dragon plakat betta fish tank needed a deep cleaning. They were given as party favors at a birthday party my daughter was invited to. Today it seems as though his pure white fins are slightly discolored. Can I say something, it doesn’t cost a fortune to have a Betta. Since the tank had become riddled with algea and the fish seemed to have died via a white fungus on his body, we cleaned the tank with bleach. Other components should be cleaned and disinfected. I’ve looked around for a battery powered heater, but can’t find anything. The original form was red and blue. I believe she’s ready because she doesn’t run from him. I’m even making her a feeding schedule. Feed your betta fish. The only time a heater is not required is if the surrounding temperature in the room the tank is in is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. What is aquarium salt? Il faut viser une température optimum de 25 degrés en évitant au possible de descendre en dessous car à terme cela fragilise son Betta et l'expose aux maladies. Had him just a week and he is swimming about now, seems healthy. Regular bleach that is free of detergents and perfumes is another excellent and powerful cleaning option; especially after disease. I keep a jug of pre-treated/conditioned water by the tank for this very purpose. Hey I’m getting a Betta and considering getting a frog to go with him will it work. Should I use some kind of covering on the side of the tank closest to the window to keep it from over heating, or will having a heater to regulate the water temp be enough? It’s really frustrating. All artificial plants and leaves should be silk if possible. Or is there something more specific that I can find at the pet store? Thanks! Make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis per your specific filter’s instructions. You’ll need some test strips to monitor parameters. Even when first purchasing a betta fish, it’s important to choose one that is healthy. Bettas love places to hide so they can feel safe, especially when sleeping. Hi Bryan, you have an awesome site! He did not show signs of being ill and his colors were bright for the second one. Hi, I’m new to being a Betta owner. Thank you . Thank you, Success increases by adding community fish with bettas in larger tanks that have plenty of spaces to hide. In the past, I have had one betta that lived to be six and a half years old, and the other only lived a few weeks after he turned three. The truth is, a death seldom, if ever, occurs. An ammonia flare up can be from using a habitat that’s too small, or from not having a proper nitrogen cycle established. That is odd the male continues to refuse her so far even though he’s built a bubble nest. All the water stuff is kinda confusing but I just want the best I can do for him. I feel so sorry for the poor Bettas I see in pet stores stuck in those bowls, so many of them. Please reply soon. The next day he was bright, ate his pellets (we give him one in morning and one at night) and starting coming to the front when I’d come in the room and talk to him. but the water testing strip and the total hardness of the freshwater is hard at 150 and the pH water is alkaline. The Plakat, or Plakad, is a short-tailed Betta, and is the most closely related to wild Betta splendens or. White mark along his tummy. Think of hiding places like their homes. He’s been battling on and off several infections since we brought him home and now suddenly has pine coned scales on one side of his body towards his head. Unbelievable talk about a bully to pick on a defensive fish. If you’re going away for more than 2-3 days, visit our vacation guide. How often does a Betta poop. My fluval has a blue moon light. Is this true? The information I found here is extremely helpful, but I was wondering what a preferred list is for tanks, filters, heaters, and such. Also while he is at the top he’ll tend to keep his front part straight and then let back half float up sideways. 5 gallons is recommended, 2.5 is the absolute minimum. Disponibilité : ... privilégier la maintenance en solitaire pour les mâles. Experienced caretakers, however, may purchase sick bettas to help save them from death and disease. I did a 100% water change just in case it was a contagious illness. We have a red half-moon named Swimmy, and two snails, and we’ve been doing a lot of research to get the water perameters correct in his hydroponic tank, but it’s not really working. I originally thought he was stressed and am in the process of adding a new filter but I am also considering taking this out to decrease stress. This way you don’t have to worry about the water getting too cold or too hot. There was no symptoms or signs of any abnormality. If you have any advice pls help! As a betta owner, you should always be monitoring the health of your fish and watching out for any indicators of concern.

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