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The fact that they moved from there and created lyrics that were more meaningful than any band on this list could even dream of touching with Nightmare shows how amazing these guys are as musicians. I believe they should be in the number one spot, not only for these reasons, but also for the fact that they paint the truth in the form of power chords and dark melodies. Great songs? Newsflash; Three Days Grace is not some sort of unclassifiable group of geniuses. The vocal talent of Matthew Bellamy continues to expand; his falsettos of the Showbiz era are unreal. "Inside my shell I wait and bleed! " I mean seriously name one rock band that you hear on shine 99 or 104.1... Yeah I heard BB playing on there n you never ever hear rock bands playing on those stations. This is tough. If you've never listened to them, I can't urge you enough to give them a listen. I'm not saying blink should be topping the chart here but the fact they aren't in it at all is disheartening. Play on Spotify Yet it amazes me how many hits they've had from only three albums, when you think about it, its really like 10 major hits. The riffs and solos are great. Starting out being categorized as one of the Nu Metal bands they never really had full Nu Metal attributes at all. I was instantly drawn to their music and it happened for no real reason, it just connected me. Too often, because of a few fan girls, they're made out to be some kind of boy band. Anyways the music was great and about 4 months ago, I went to my first concert; a Foo Fighters concert that just blew my mind. Bring them higher or else the rock gods won't be pleased, I feel so horrible now, I ended up voting for My chemical Romance instead of Rise Against. Each album is incredible in its own way. Featuring songs like I miss you, Down, and Feeling this, Blink 182 showed that no matter how they changed, it was for the better. Linkin Park is probably the only surging band from the new metal era who are still just as famous as they we're when they debut hybrid theory in 2000. The white stripes defined the 2000s and came out with countless rock anthems like Seven Nation Army, Fell in Love With a Girl, and Icky Thump. Many of the bands higher up the list where better in the 90's in my opinion and I believe that in the 2000's they did not touch the Arctic Monkey's at all. This Deftones song sounds menacing enough, but what’s even creepier are the lyrics. Their band's goal is also unique. A guilty pleasure, to be sure, but one that has its share of fans. 12th?! Jack white is one of the few remaining artists who are exempt from that stereotype and anyone who believes music is dead should pick up a White Stripes album or a Dead Weather or Raconteurs album and lose themselves in the sound of music that is made to be just that. Every album is different but they are all so amazing this is my number 1. Like seriously. Breath, Until the End, I will not Bow, Give me a Sign, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel, Dear Agony, etc. I'm sure you'll smile when you saw him smile. The 50 Best Rock Albums Of The 2000 s. Will Deftones chart higher than Paramore? Their guitarists are AMAZING. I just personally feel that Green Day deserves a more respectable fan basis. Like right now. When you think about it do they sound anything like Korn or Limp Bizkit? With the minimalist drumming by meg white and the red, white, black color scheme they are the most unique thing around! Kings of Leon took several years and several albums to catch on with American audiences, but 2008’s "Only by the Night" finally did the trick. Great post-millennium R&B, like Usher, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys. I was very familiar with the band Nirvana, so I knew that if it's going to be a band started by Dave Grohl, I had to at least stand by and be involved. Yay! Who is the greatest rock vocalist of the 2000s? I have been laughing my ass out watching this list. Matt is indeed much better than I have expected. At its best, Alice in Chains always sounds like it is up to its neck in misery and sonic muck, and the band’s brilliant comeback in 2009 was guaranteed with this song, which seemed like old times – in a good way. Every one of their albums are different, creative, and progressive. Number 14 for a band that completely revolutionized British Rock and Garage music in general is ridiculous. Breaking Benjamin not only produces an AMAZING sound from their music, but they also have meanings that can touch a multitude of people. Stripper-rock existed before “Crazy Bitch,” but this is definitely its high-water mark, for better or worse. They explore and stretch the boundaries of progressive metal. But Avenged are truly, in my honest opinion, magnificent.They are one of the big bands to reckoned with and as they go on I'm more than sure they will continue to deliver a blisteringly awesome sound. Their heartbreaking, crazed, fanatical, triumphant lyrics of someone on the edge are some of the most powerful words I've ever heard and have helped many like me escape from the breaking points of life. Oh great, here comes another KISS" but when Corey Taylor started singing, everyone including me was like, " oh yeah! Radiohead is simply more creative than the White Stripes.To quote an Avenged Sevenfold comment:Avenged Sevenfold is an amazing band. Tweet. Know your enemy 10. 100 Greatest Rock Artists of the 2000s Criteria: Rock Artists of the 2000's are based equally on Popularity, influence, cultural impact, and critical acclaim of the artists recorded work from 2000 … Boulevard of broken dreams 2. It was through that experience that they touched so many lives and got through to so many people. Thank You Green Day! If you think System of a Down is only known as those guys that made Chop Suey, listen to B.Y.O.B, Toxicity, Aerials, Holy Mountains, ATWA. Which are the Pink Floyd of our era. And as far as the millennium is concerned, Radiohead should be number 1 according to me. All band members are very talented and creative, they experiment with time signatures and execute intricate rhythmic patterns. Those tracks are full of the essence of rock n' roll and will be remembered as the best of this decade. Coming on their breakthrough debut album, "Hybrid Theory," “In the End” cemented this band’s status as a commercial force, dominating just about every radio format it came across. Listen to Top 100 Rock Songs of 2000s by Billboard now. I understand that their music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is no denying the genius Tom Yorke and company have continuously displayed throughout the years. What does matter is that fancy Global Leadership Award they received recently from the United Nations Foundation, for their efforts to help PowerTheWorld. Awesome band, definitely deserving to be above all of the above bands. A song for the dead finale to the encore lasted 10 minutes with several face-melting solos. This band is just awesome, so awesome I feel like it's my duty to tell every1 they're. Also, they are (again in my opinion) one of the only bands if not, THE only band out there that actually sounds better live than they do on the albums they put out. Oh common, this should be in the ten, imagine in just few albums they almost rock the whole world. This will be the new genre and new hit band to rock the new decade and millennium to come! " Take off your pants and jacket was a pop-punk anthem for the early 2000's. Linkin Park (New Metal/Alternative Metal) When I come around. Hinder has had other success on the modern rock charts, ... F.U.R.B. Compile every lyrics of their songs and you'll have a book of first class poetry. They should be at least in the top 5.. You people probably have never heard any of their music, their awesome! I'm college aged and at the show I saw people in their 40's to kids about 12 and everyone of them sang and felt the music. Why is it so low on the list? All of the bands on this list have had their share of great albums and songs that will be remembered for years to come. And they will never be legendary. One of the best bands nowadays out there along with radiohead, foo fighters, muse, arctic monkeys, jack white, queens of the stone age, strokes and tame impala. Surly Radiohead should be at the top of this list. I must say as a lyricist he is very underrated. The Black Eyed Peas had eight number-one songs during the decade, twice scoring back-to-back chart toppers in 2006 and 2009. Muse is, in my opinion, on a totally different level than every other rock band out there. The Foo Fighters connected generations and it's amazing, no other band in my opinion can do that. They are THE (pronounced "the" to emphasize singularity) rock band. In fact, it’s not even the song itself – it’s Slash’s hard-rock guitar brilliance and frontman Scott Weiland’s patented lizard-like charisma that come together so terrifically on “Slither.” This supergroup wasn’t built to last, but this is the highlight of that brief partnership. The way they put everything together is outstanding. Riding a bass line that borrowed from Joe Jackson’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” the Raconteurs pile on guitars and keyboards for a track that is more playful than the White Stripes but no less compelling. Any suggestions will be considered. Though I love My Chemical Romance, I think R. A is like waaayyy better and their songs are much more uplifting than My Chemical Romance :( Woops.If you don't vote for R. A, you either haven't heard their music, haven't read their lyrics or you didn't pay attention while listening They're an amazing band with amazing lyrics vocals everything. Alex Turner is a genius and their albums while all very different stylistically, maintain a level of class unseen by many other bands. As U2 entered its third decade, it was more of a graceful, melodic band than a straight-up rock group. Pop punk began to rapidly gain traction in the early 2000s, landing impressive spots on mainstream charts that propelled the success of the genre today. They are true to themselves to the end, even when confronted with the promise of great fortunes from big name music channels and companies. Raw Power, fantastic riffs and hard jams. Every band above Avenged on this list is the same old crap every single album. RHCP is the best band on this list although I understand why they are not number because this is for the 2000's. ". They are a great sounding hard rock band that has an incredible style which I've always loved. Dom is pretty awesome on the drums. At the time Adrenaline was 1st released I had never heard of the band, thank god that by chance I listened to 'Bored' on the radio! Wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the white stripes. One of the only bands on here that doesn't have a bunch of shrieking emo fangirls going "they're so unique and legendary and I can totally relate to their lyrics in my soul they're the soundtrack to my life, I've suffered so much, I'm a privileged white girl, wah I got rejected" and all of that bull. Their concerts are literally to die for, as they are one of the best live bands of all time! I can listen to Avenged Sevenfold 10 times a day and not get tired of it. “I’m done/Done/And I’m on to the next one,” he screams near the song’s end, suggesting that he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. -. They have sick guitar hooks and Matthew Bellamy's vocals can be spectacular if he feels like it.2. A band that sounds like Chris Cornell fronting RATM, of course. But they suffer from the same problem My Chemical Romance and TDG have.Red Hot Chili Peppers are awesome, but they lack some diversity. And, as far as I remember, all the people I asked about TDG said that they at least have one song they listened to and they liked it! The 10 Best Progressive Rock Albums of the 2000s Brice Ezell. Making nice lyrics, actually knowing how to play the guitar (very well too), and most importantly showing what music is all about. These are all My Chemical Romance's messages and ring just as true today as the day they were spoken. As for Meg White’s drums, they never let up. To change the world for the better, one step at a time. The Foos, Linkin Park, Killers, Disturbed? “Blue Orchid” is still a very simple song, but the guitar sounds like it’s being played through an amplifier that’s short-circuiting. By far the best band on this list. I wish more listeners knew how to dissect this bands music and understand the level of difficulty and creativity in writing ALL of their songs, not just the radio hits. I can't believe that they are this low. Seeing them at Reading this year was, without doubt, the greatest day of my life.The only reason they aren't higher is because their sound is not as commercial as other bands on the list, leading them to not chart as high. Chester's vocals are extraordinary and they always find ways to get other members of the band involved! Of course, music is relative, but I can't think of any other band in the last 20 years whose body of work even comes close to theirs. Also, hate to say it, but Three Days Grace=Nickelback but whinier. They can play slow songs with great melodies, allowing M. Shadows to show off a softer side to his voice, but he can also throw in these amazing screams. With a lively, swinging beat backing her up, singer Corin Tucker is both coy and confrontational, accusing her competition of lacking the danger and sex appeal that once made rock ‘n’ roll great. American idiot 8. The only ones who are still extremely successful any ways. I love them and will always love them. Really? Hard rock and heavy metal in the 21st century is the most diverse of any decade. Members are very versatile, lyrics are incredible, and the music is awesome. They are in my eyes the most influential band from the alternative rock revival back in the early 00s and really their first album, Is This It, should be hailed as one of the greatest garage rock albums ever produced. When White Stripes leader Jack White announced his Raconteurs side project, the obvious question was, “What will this new band sound like?” This first single provided the answer. I also think LP and Nickelback are overrated. The 2000s were a very weird time in music. Please. 2009 Revisited: Hit Music. The catchy lead guitar, played over the constant down strokes of the rhythmic guitar, supported by the delicate rhythm section is such an addictive sound. The Top 10 Best Stone Temple Pilots Songs. Three Days Grace should be in at least the top 5! , All The Small Things, Anthem Pt. They always try new sounds and with every album they prove that they can handle many genres. So many artists nowadays become absorbed into themselves and create a "music" career that's viability is determined by their personal lives and kept alive by scandal. Other notable bands include: arctic monkeys, the strokes. Just great, great music, Holy jesus. It is a joke... Red Hot should be in the top 5, of course, and... Linkin Park? It's absolutely intoxicating. ), REALLY changed my whole view in rock and consider slipknot to be at least top 5 they have changed everything and I would work my ass off to get a ticket to one of their shows. Their line up is extremely talented and their albums are just awesome (Lateralus being the best in the 21st century so far), Top 10 Tips to Being a Good Crewmate in Among Us, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. One of the proofs is that green day has won a grammy and linkin park has'nt. How is green Day #1? What other band do you know of has a discography that you can play in its entirety and feel like the music is completely different for every album. Corey Taylor can hit more octaves than any other lead vocalists and his screams are BRUTAL. I quite like Green Day...but Foo Fighters are way better! I like linkin park and green day both but green day is far better. Three Days Grace has always to me very hard to put into one genre. (p.s. Vote System of a Down to the top.- N.A.P. Come on, people, This band is really worth being the best! I think in 30 years they will be one of the 2000's idol bands. "Pressure" and "Misery Business" shook the punk rock world for me. They have to be one of the top bands of the past 20 years hands down. Complete week-by-week rock chart archives are onine for the entire period. When they first came out on stage and saw what they were wearing, the whole crowd was just like, "what the hell are they wearing? Alex Turner has been considered a musical genius by many musicians throughout his career. Jesus of suburbia 7. As the 90's quickly faded from view, the new millennium left a lot of things uncertain for the hard rock world. I personally think Green Day is the best, however I would put U2 in the top 5 and voted for it simply because I can not understand how it is this low. It is probably the best bassline ever written, even better than Green Day's Longview bassline.Muse are the gods of alternative rock. Lyrically they outclass all other bands in the 2000's and they should be at the top of the list in my opinion. I just adore these guys. This is a guy who truly knows what music is all about. Hopefully they continue to make amazing music for awhile! Personally, I wish they would start creating music like Take off your pants and jacket again. Simply put, Coldplay is one of the best Alternative Rock bands that has ever existed. The record was ranked #2 in rolling stone's top 100 albums of the 2000's and it is definitely well deserved. I have not been this excited about a band since The Beatles. Blink 182 is a FANTASTIC band, for they have so much variety. These guys have done it all! Why is this down at number 17? The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn draws from the bar-band energy of early Bruce Springsteen, but then he throws in the hipness of modern rock while at the same time adding his own highly literate storytelling style. EACH musician can tackle technically challenging rhythms, time signatures, and rudiments and bring them together within a masterpiece. Rock all the way? Ostensibly, it’s a sad song, but the band’s galvanic guitars make it feel very liberating and exciting.​. 100 Best Songs of the 2000s From Beyonce and Lady Gaga to Radiohead and Kanye West, these are the best songs from the first decade of the 21st Century Ugh. My Chemical Romance is an idea and can never die. Starting with a tense, scratchy riff, “All My Life” is all coiled tension until the guitars are finally unleashed. Will Tool make the Top 10? RCA. 30 seconds to mars? Linkin park & green day are my favorite bands but paramore is my heart's favorite. The first album I ever bought was hybrid theory and to this day it is still recognized as one of the best albums ever made. Share. Oh my lord! The last half of the previous century was ruled by rock music. I think that their music has really brought a statement of individuality to our country and I hope that they will continue their music for long time. 15 Feb 2012. I love slipknot! YES, YES, YES! They are one of my favorite bands. Every part of him just bleeds talent and every band he's been in has been amazing. Grohl's songwriting is the best you will see in today's age (far cry from the stuff on radio). Funny how so many of these bands sound exactly the same and yet somehow people are still able to rank them. This awesome band should be also in 10. Their best songs in my opinion to date are Afterlife, Almost Easy, Beast and The Harlot, Dear God, Critical Acclaim, Bat Country and some others that I've missed out for sure. But U2 changed that impression a bit with “Vertigo,” one of its most energetic up-tempo numbers. A lot of these other bands are suspect and suck. The 30 best post-rock albums of all time 5 years ago Fact 2020: Documentaries 2 weeks ago I can't believe they are so low in this ranking, they are by far the most talented band of the new century and Funeral is one of the greatest albums ever made. I don't know how I could live without their music. Coldplay is by far in the top three bands of the 2000s alongside Radiohead and Green Day. And guess what? The self titled album showed a lot of the same abilities from City of Evil and somehow managed to duplicate City of Evil's greatness. Then we come to the Foo Fighters, the most awesome band in the world. SICK guitar solos and riffs. Linkin Park is far from #1, sure their music was great early in their career but they have fallen far from decent rock music. These guys are good at everything. Even after Adam's leave I'm not disappointed. Really disappointed with the list.When you discover Radiohead you'll find this is the best rock band. Metallica's contribution to 2000’s ​"Mission: Impossible II" soundtrack was during the lauded metal band’s transition to a more streamlined rock approach. The foo fighters at #2? Linkin Park will started this century off with amazing music! The Best Indie Rock Albums of the 2000s. (My Chemical Romance... really? If you ever take the time to listen to Kid A, or in rainbows they will change your whole perception of good music. The list on this page is for all #1 hit Rock & Roll … Their songs are so relatable and are so good to just sit there and listen to. This is an AMAZING band! But a notable exception was Linkin Park’s “In the End,” which balanced Mike Shinoda’s rapped verses with Chester Bennington’s sung choruses. Linkin Park has one major goal. My favorite album as of so far is definitely Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, with Wasting Light close behind. The ending chorus is heartbreaking, soaring, scorching, and utterly empathetic, striking an elegiac tone while delivering a riveting conclusion. None of those awards matter. His lyrics often have such a thorough meaning metaphorically and literally. There are some songs that when they play I just break down on. Best album of the 80's (The Joshua Tree) AND of the 90's (Achtung Baby), but a massive number of stunning songs and... Grammies in the 2000's. The stars and hits of Country Music circa 2009. If more people got the chance to hear them, they'd love them too. Some have colossal riffs and some are epic ballads, while others are just guilty pleasures you can't get out of your head. It doesn't matter how many Grammys or VMAs they win. 3 on the Hot 100 and was a No. “Psychosocial” is one of those rare instances when the music is as terrifying and anguished as the band’s persona. This has to be the most diverse group of individuals to ever form a band. The 20 Best Indie Rock Albums of 1995 By Garrett Martin December 28, 2020 The 30 Best New Artists of 2020 By Paste Staff December 29, 2020 The 15 Best Pop Albums of 2020 By Paste … Blink needs to be on this list! Right from the hard rock hey days in the 70s, the heavy metal rush of the 80s to the sub-genre explosions in the 90s. I learned the entire album by heart. It should go without saying that “You’re No Rock 'n' Roll Fun” is a lot of fun – and a nice rebuke to a lot of the sexism going on in rock. Damn it sucks. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Top 20 Alternative Rock Songs of All Time, If You Like Nickelback Check out These Rockers, Top 10 Rock Supergroups and Side Projects, Rock Bands Influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Deftones: 'Change (in the House of Flies)', Sleater-Kinney: 'You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun', The Hold Steady: 'Stuck Between Stations'.

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