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In El Salvador, a mudslide caused 7 people to go missing. On June 1, the government of Mexico issued a tropical storm warning from Campeche westward to Puerto de Veracruz. [467] A non-tropical low subsequently formed several hundred miles southwest of the Azores on November 8, and was designated 97L. Fernsehbilder zeigten, wie in den Küstenstädten Geschäfte und Wohnhäuser mit Spanholzplatten abgesichert wurden. During the season, 27 tropical storms established a new record for the earliest formation by storm number. [78] Passing within 20 nautical miles of the Outer Banks, Arthur caused tropical storm force wind gusts and a single report of sustained tropical storm force winds at Alligator River Bridge. Am sichersten sei es, im Hausinneren unter einem Tisch oder einem anderen stabilen Möbelstück in Deckung zu gehen und sich nicht in Fensternähe aufzuhalten. Januar 2021 07:25 Uhr Frankfurt | 06:25 Uhr London | 01:25 Uhr New York | 15:25 Uhr Tokio, DHB-Team bereitet sich im Blindflug auf WM vor, Freeskier fliegt rückwärts von Engelberger Schanze. [494] There were least 61 storm-related fatalities in the region, which was still recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Eta.[454]. [476] By 09:00 UTC the next day, Theta had weakened to a tropical depression,[477] and it degenerated to a remnant low six hours later. [3] Laura caused at least $16.1 billion in damage and 77 deaths. [285] Ultimately, eight people were killed and damage estimates were at least $6.25 billion. [271] Northwesterly shear caused by an upper-level low caused the system to have a sheared appearance, but it continued to strengthen as it gradually moved north-northwestward. Tropical storms Edouard, Fay, and Gonzalo, along with hurricanes Hanna and Isaias, formed in July. National Hurricane Center Home Page. Six hours later, an Air Force reconnaissance aircraft found that it had attained tropical storm strength. Hurrikan Dorian war ein tropischer Wirbelsturm und der zweite Hurrikan der atlantischen Hurrikansaison 2019.Er bildete sich im August 2019 und zog als Tropensturm über einige Inseln der Karibik.Nach einer enormen Intensivierung traf er am 1. Gonzalo would then reach its peak intensity with wind speeds of 65 mph and a minimum central pressure of 997 mbar at 09:00 UTC the next day. Within a six-hour span on September 18, Wilfred, Alpha, and Beta became named systems, an event only previously recorded in 1893. [181] As it moved over the Outer Banks and then offshore overnight, warm water temperatures in the Atlantic allowed the system to rapidly organize,[182] and at 21:00 UTC on August 14, the NHC designated the system as Tropical Storm Kyle. Dort, wo "Laura" auf Land treffe, müsse mit "verheerenden Sturmschäden" gerechnet werden, warnte das NHC. [484] As Iota was nearing its peak intensity, it passed very close to the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, with its eye missing Providencia by only 11 miles (18 km). 41 … Ouragan ein Film von Cyril Barbançon und Andy Byatt. [149] The following day, Isaias passed south of Puerto Rico and made landfall on the Dominican Republic. [486] At 03:40 UTC, the hurricane made landfall near the town of Haulover, Nicaragua (in Pearl Lagoon municipality), with sustained winds of 155 mph (250 km/h) and a pressure of 920 mb (27.17 inHg); it’s landfall location was approximately 15 miles (25 km) south of where Hurricane Eta made landfall 13 days earlier. A few days later, Hurricane Delta developed in the Caribbean Sea south of Jamaica and became the ninth hurricane of the season. L’année 2020 aura aussi été marquée par la pandémie de coronavirus, qui a affecté chaque aspect de nos vies partout dans le monde. Rennen in Vincennes mit 14 Startern, Prix De Chambly. [421] It made landfall north of Tulum, Quintana Roo at 04:00 UTC the next day with winds of 80 mph (130 km/h) and a pressure of 977 mbars (28.85 inHg). [216] It was downgraded to a tropical storm at 03:00 UTC on October 24. Released in 1986, it was a great success in France, where it topped the charts for almost three months, and in Germany. [240] Twelve hours later, an increase in wind shear weakened the storm. Covid-19 : ... Harvey précipite Houston dans le chaos. [474] Convection continued to wax and wane around the storm's center as it fluctuated in intensity into the next day[475] before it weakened again on November 14, when most of the deep convection associated with It dissipated. Übersetzung für 'ouragan' im kostenlosen Französisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. [485] Iota weakened to a high-end Category 4 hurricane at 03:00 UTC on November 17 as it approached the coast of Nicaragua. [365], Numerous tropical cyclone watches and warnings were issued for parts of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico following the formation of Gamma and thousands of people were evacuated. [236] On September 7, it was designated Tropical Depression Eighteen at 09:00 UTC,[255] and upgraded to Tropical Storm Rene 12 hours later. [355], The NHC initiated advisories on Tropical Depression Twenty-Five at 15:00 UTC on October 2. Les opérations de secours se poursuivent au Texas, après le passage de la tempête tropicale Harvey. New owners Dave Samson, Myriam Coulombe New products and more for the future ! [221], During the last few days of August, a cold front spawned a trough over Northern Florida and eventually a low-pressure area formed offshore of the southeast coast of the United States. [389] States of emergency were declared in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and numerous coastal, low-lying, and flood prone areas were evacuated. [64] Beta's intensification into a tropical storm made September 2020 the most active month on record with 10 cyclones becoming named. [439] Eta reached its peak intensity of 150 mph (240 km/h) and a pressure of 923 mbar (27.26 inHg) at 06:00 UTC on November 3. Log In. At 15:00 UTC on June 24, Dolly became a post-tropical cyclone, with any remaining convection displaced well to the system's south and the remaining circulation exposed. Der Gouverneur von Louisiana, John Edwards, betonte, dass viele Menschen vermutlich für längere Zeit in Notunterkünfte gehen müssen. [25] On July 16, The Weather Company released an updated forecast, calling for 20 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Der Hurrikan lasse selbst die stabilsten Gebäude erzittern, Glasscherben flögen durch die Luft. Fim de semana chega com a tempestade subtropical Alpha", "Los estragos del temporal: Una mujer muere en Cáceres al caer un tejado y un tren descarrila en Madrid", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Five Discussion Number 1", "Tropical Storm Gamma Intermediate Advisory Number 2A", "Tropical Storm Gamma Tropical Cyclone Update", "Tropical Storm Gamma Discussion Number 7", "Tropical Storm Gamma Intermediate Advisory Number 7A", "Tropical Storm Gamma Advisory Number 10", "Tropical Storm Gamma Discussion Number 12", "Tropical Depression Gamma Advisory Number 14", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Gamma Advisory Number 15", "Desalojos masivos de hoteles y alerta roja en México ante la proximidad del huracán Delta, ahora de categoría 3", "Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Six Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Six Discussion Number 2", "Tropical Storm Delta Intermediate Advisory Number 3A", "Hurricane Delta? [191] The next day at 13:05 UTC, NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft found that the depression had strengthened and become Tropical Storm Laura. [258] Then, despite the adverse affects of easterly wind shear, the system re-strengthened to a tropical storm twelve hours later. [434] As the remnants of Zeta moved off shore from the continental U.S., it left behind accumulating snow across parts of New England. [97] Despite low chances of development,[98] the low moved south into the Gulf Stream in the afternoon of June 22, and new thunderstorm activity began to fire near the circulation. Le gouverneur du Texas, Greg Abbott, a dit qu'il en fournirait respectivement 150 et 300. Zerstörte Häuser und Überschwemmungen: Der Rekordsturm hat die Inseln verwüstet und nimmt Kurs auf die USA. [378] As Delta moved into the northern Gulf of Mexico, widespread watches and warnings were issued along the U.S. Gulf Coast. find movie times + tickets. 27. [387], As Delta was nearing landfall in Quintana Roo, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on October 6 the activation of the DN-III emergency plan and the mobilization of 5,000 soldiers of the Mexican Armed Forces to help with the evacuation of sheltering people in the region. Die US-Klimabehörde NOAA rechnet damit, dass 2020 ein Rekordjahr für Wirbelstürme werden könnte. [158][159][160][161] Damage estimates exceeded US$4.725 billion, making Isaias the costliest tropical cyclone to strike the Northeastern U.S. since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The Bermuda Weather Service issued a gale warning for the entirety of the island chain in advance of the system on July 4. [493] Iota damaged much of the infrastructure of Providencia, and caused widespread damaging flooding in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. The namings of Vicky and Wilfred marked only the second time storms have been assigned names that start with "V" and "W" in the Atlantic, with the first instances being Vince and Wilma in 2005. Artist. Broadly speaking, ACE is a measure of the power of a tropical or subtropical storm multiplied by the length of time it existed. On the last day of October, Hurricane Eta formed and made landfall in Central America at Category 4 strength on November 3. [318] Eventually, 50 knots of wind shear began to take its toll on Vicky, and its wind speed began to fall. 37 people follow this. [65] Beta went on to impact Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi before transitioning into a remnant low over Alabama, marking an abrupt end to the 18 straight days of activity.[66]. [122], Immediately upon formation, tropical storm warnings were issued for the coasts of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, as the system moved north at 7 mph. [284], A tropical storm watch was issued for the Miami metropolitan area when the storm first formed, while numerous watches and warnings were issued as Sally approached the U.S. Gulf Coast. - forte tempête, vent de grande violence - au moins 120 km/h - … [404] That night, Epsilon made its closest advance toward Bermuda, passing about 190 mi (310 km) to its east. [16] On April 21 the Pennsylvania State University Earth Science System Center also predicted high numbers, 19.8 +/- total named storms, range 15–24, best estimate 20. Early in the year, officials in the United States expressed concerns the hurricane season could potentially exacerbate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for U.S. coastal residents. Overall, damage from the storm on the US Eastern Coast was at least US$350 million, based on wind and storm surge damage on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The storm then moved over the northern Leeward islands, and it then strengthened as it approached Puerto Rico. [319] It weakened into a tropical depression at 15:00 UTC on September 17,[320] and degenerating into a remnant low six hours later. The low turned southeast before dissipating near Bermuda a day later. De toute façon, il sera toujours temps de partir après l’orage, si les dégâts ont rendu votre maison invivable. [340], Beta caused extensive flooding throughout much of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. [366], On October 1, the NHC began to monitor a tropical wave located a few hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles for potential development. Plus de 1,4 million de personnes sont décédées des suites du virus. [330] At 21:00 UTC on September 18, the system strengthened into Tropical Storm Beta. Create New Account. [306] Later that same day, the hurricane weakened to Category 1 intensity,[307] before becoming a strong post-tropical cyclone at around 00:00 UTC on September 23. [26], On August 5, Colorado State University released an additional updated forecast, their final for 2020, calling for a near-record-breaking season, predicting a total of 24 named storms, 12 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes, citing the anomalously low wind shear and surface pressures across the basin during the month of July and substantially warmer than average tropical Atlantic and developing La Niña conditions. Eta bought heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Cayman Islands and Cuba, the latter of which was already dealing overflowing rivers that prompted evacuations. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [367] Later, at 21:00 UTC on October 4, the system was classified as Potential Tropical Cyclone Twenty-Six. [15] Following that, North Carolina State University released a similar forecast on April 17, also calling for a possibly hyperactive season with 18–22 named storms, 8–11 hurricanes and 3–5 major hurricanes. [100] However, Dolly's peak intensity proved to be short-lived as its central convection began to diminish while it drifted over colder ocean waters. Was bedeutet die neue Regierung für das Börsenjahr 2021? [417], On 21:00 UTC on October 24, a system had organized enough to be designated as Tropical Depression Twenty-Eight. [230] By 18:00 UTC that same day, the storm strengthened some more, obtaining 1-minute sustained winds of 60 mph (95 km/h). Die Kategorie eines Hurrikans bemisst sich auf der Saffir-Simpson-Skala anhand seiner Windgeschwindigkeit, der Größe der Flutwellen und dem Luftdruck im Zentrum des Wirbelsturms. [408] The remnants of Epsilon were later absorbed into a deep extratropical area of low pressure southwest of Iceland. The names Isaias, Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, Vicky, and Wilfred from the regular list were used for the first time this year, as were the auxiliary list names of Eta, Theta, and Iota. In portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle, the outer bands of Hanna brought heavy rainfall, even threatening street flooding in New Orleans. [379] It regained Category 2 status early on October 8,[380] and, later that day, strengthened back into a major hurricane. [302], While moving generally in a north-northeasterly direction across the central Atlantic, Teddy weakened to a Category 1 hurricane during the afternoon of Seprember 21. [109][110] Edouard’s remnant brought brief, but heavy, rain to the British Isles, the Netherlands,[111] Germany,[112] southern Denmark and north-west Poland. They cited the ongoing warm phase of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and the expectation of continued ENSO-neutral or even La Niña conditions during the peak of the season as factors that would increase activity. [99] The low's convective activity rapidly became more defined and well organized while the circulation became closed, prompting the National Hurricane Center to designate the system as Subtropical Depression Four at around 21:00 UTC on June 22. "Dass eine zwei Stockwerke hohe Wasserwand an Land kommen wird, ist für viele sehr schwer vorstellbar", sagte er. Aufgrund der erwarteten Überflutung sei die Gemeinde Cameron vorerst nicht zugänglich, sagte ein Mitarbeiter der örtlichen Katastrophenschutzbehörde dem Sender CNN. [47] The storm continued to intensify, with an eye beginning to form late on September 15. [22] On July 7, Colorado State University released another updated forecast, calling for 20 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Tweet. Houston manque par exemple de bateaux et de véhicules adaptés pour secourir ses habitants. [209] Altogether, there were 77 storm related deaths: four in the Dominican Republic, 31 in Haiti, and 42 in the United States. [131] The Tobago Emergency Management Agency only received two reports of damage on the island: a fallen tree on a health facility in Les Coteaux and a damaged bus stop roof in Argyle. [259] It strengthened further, and attained its peak intensity with 1-minute sustained winds of 50 mph (85 km/h) and a minimum central pressure of 1000 mbars (29.53 inHg) at 15:00 UTC on September 10. [5] Iota ultimately made landfall in the same general area of Central America that Eta had just weeks earlier and caused catastrophic damage. Based on Doppler weather radar and buoy data, the system attained peak winds of 50 mph (85 km/h) shortly before moving inland near Isle of Palms. [188][189], On August 16, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) began tracking a large tropical wave that had emerged off the West African coast, and was traversing across the Intertropical Convergence Zone toward the Windward Islands. Sie haben weitere Fragen? The Greek alphabet was used for only the second time, starting with Subtropical Storm Alpha, which made landfall in Portugal. [268] At 21:00 UTC, the system had organized enough to be designated as Tropical Depression Nineteen. [398] Three hours later, the system strengthened into Tropical Storm Epsilon,[53] and then gradually intensified the following day as it completed a small counter-clockwise loop. [438] Eta's rapid intensification continued through that day, and by 21:00 UTC it had grown into a Category 4 hurricane. [305] As Teddy began to undergo an exgtratropical transition on September 22, while moving toward Nova Scotia, its windfield expanded greatly, with hurricane-force winds extending outward up to 150 mi (240 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extending outward up to 550 mi (890 km). [218] Marco degenerated into a remnant low just south of Louisiana at 09:00 UTC on August 25. [369] The system continued to gain strength and at 12:00 UTC it was designated Tropical Storm Delta, while located roughly 100 mi (160 km) south of Jamaica. Auch gut gebaute Häuser könnten schwer beschädigt und Bäume entwurzelt werden. [211] At 15:00 UTC on August 20, the NHC designated the wave as Tropical Depression Fourteen. A woman died in Calzadilla after a roof collapsed. Reeves declares State of Emergency for Hurricane Delta", "Gov. [296] Teddy further strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane six hours later, reaching its peak intensity of 140 mph (220 km/h) and a pressure of 945 mb (27.91 inHg). [254], On September 6, a tropical wave showing signs of organization emerged off the coast of Africa while moving toward Cabo Verde. [343] Later, at 15:00 UTC on September 18, an LLC was found and, as the system already had gale-force winds, was designated Tropical Storm Wilfred. [403] The eye began to re-emerge later in the day though reconnaissance aircraft found the storm had weakened to a Category 1 hurricane at 15:00 UTC. At 03:40 UTC on July 31, Isaias strengthened into a hurricane as it pulled away from the Greater Antilles. Oberstes Ziel bei einem Hurrikan sei, sein Leben zu schützen, sagte er dem Sender Fox News. Alle aktuellen News zum Thema Hurrikan sowie Bilder, Videos und Infos zu Hurrikan bei t-online.de. [158] Fifteen people were killed in the United States. [229] Over the next four days, system gradually organized and acquired gale-force winds and at 06:00 UTC on September 1, it developed into a tropical storm. [88] Throughout the remainder of the day, Cristobal's wind field became more symmetrical and well defined[89] and it gradually strengthened with falling barometric pressure as the storm meandered towards the Mexican coastline. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active and the seventh costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record. [261][262] Bursts of deep convection allowed it to retain tropical characteristics for two more days before beginning to rapidly unravel[263] and then degenerate into a remnant low on September 14. Des millions d’autres ont perdu leur emploi et font face à de grandes difficultés pour nourrir leur famille. [354][355] In Spain, the front associated with Alpha caused a train to derail in Madrid (no one was seriously injured), while lightning storms on Ons Island caused a forest fire. Don’t live or work in Houston? Tempête Harvey : "On doit quitter les lieux mais c'est impossible", une Française de Houston témoigne SCOTT OLSON / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP International Donnerstag, 07. [260] However, the continued effects of dry air and easterly wind shear weakened the storm to a tropical depression on September 12. It regained Category 3 status in the Gulf of Mexico before weakening again and making its second landfall in Louisiana on October 9. [156] The storm passed over the Mid-Atlantic states and New England before transitioning into an extratropical cyclone near the American-Canadian border, and subsequently weakening progressing into Quebec. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [215] Even so, strong southwesterly wind shear soon displaced the storm's convection, exposing its low-level center, which caused the system to weaken. "Eigentum kann ersetzt werden, Leben nicht.". [344] Located at a relatively low latitude, Wilfred remained weak and changed little in appearance due to wind shear and unfavorable conditions caused by the outflow of nearby Hurricane Teddy. Heftige Winde und weitreichende Überflutungen könnten nicht nur auf Texas und Louisiana begrenzt bleiben, sondern etwa auch den Bundesstaat Arkansas betreffen. Flooding in the later region caused four fatalities. [180], On August 13, the NHC began to track an area of low pressure located over eastern North Carolina. [338][339] It transitioned to a remnant low at 03:00 UTC on September 23. The season was also the fifth consecutive season in which at least one Category 5 hurricane formed. [2] This unprecedented activity was fueled by a La Niña that developed in the summer months of 2020. [491], The government of Colombia issued a hurricane warning for Providencia and a hurricane watch for the island of San Andrés on November 14;[492] and a few hours later, hurricane warnings were issued for portions of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and of Honduras. [128] After Gonzalo failed to strengthen into a hurricane on July 24, the hurricane and tropical storm watches were replaced with tropical storm warnings. [384] By 06:00 UTC on October 10, Delta had weakened to a tropical storm,[385] and by 15:00 UTC to a tropical depression. [343] Early on September 18, the system started to rapidly become better defined and the NHC designated it as Subtropical Storm Alpha at 16:30 UTC. [423] Dry air wrapped around the northern half of Zeta's circulation as it moved off shore into the Gulf of Mexico, leaving the center partially exposed,[424] though it becoming better organized late on October 27, with a ragged eye feature and deep convection and visible. Der Meteorologe Benjamin Schott sagte in New Orleans, einige Gegenden würden nach dem Hurrikan nicht mehr wiederzuerkennen sein. [92][93] Late on June 7, Cristobal made landfall over southeastern Louisiana. Heavy amounts of precipitation also occurred in northern Guatemala. [336] Afterwards, Beta fell to tropical depression status at 15:00 UTC. 1. Timely information during emergencies is important. [6][7] As expressed in an op-ed of the Journal of the American Medical Association, "there exists an inherent incompatibility between strategies for population protection from hurricane hazards: evacuation and sheltering (i.e., transporting and gathering people together in groups)," and "effective approaches to slow the spread of COVID-19: physical distancing and stay-at-home orders (i.e., separating and keeping people apart)."[8]. [165] However, when deep convection developed closer to the system's center late on July 31, the NHC began issuing advisories on Tropical Depression Ten. Nine thousand Mexican National Guard members were summoned to aid in preparations and repairs. [177] Nonetheless, Josephine headed into increasingly hostile conditions as it began to pass north of the Leeward Islands. As more than 21 named storms occurred, storms that formed after Wilfred were assigned names corresponding to the letters of the Greek alphabet. The storm began accelerating northwards on June 5[91] and by 18:00 UTC that day, despite being situated inland over the Yucatán Peninsula, Cristobal re-intensified back to tropical storm status. Meteorologen warnten vor massiven Zerstörungen bis tief ins Landesinnere hinein und Stromausfällen auch in benachbarten Regionen. By 21:00 UTC July 21, satellite imagery and scatterometer data indicated that the small low pressure system had acquired a well-defined circulation as well as sufficiently organized convection to be designated Tropical Depression Seven. [151][152] It then turned north-northwest, paralleling the east coast of Florida and Georgia while fluctuating between 65–70 mph (105–113 km/h) wind speeds. 20.50 Documentaire Nature meurtrière (50 mn) 21.40 Documentaire Nature meurtrière (50 mn) L'ouragan Harvey, l'ouragan le plus puissant depuis une décennie sur les États-Unis, déchire une ville côtière et déverse une pluie unique en son genre, et noie la ville de Houston. [450] Eta transitioned into an extratropical cyclone on November 13 while moving northeastward off the coast of the Carolinas. [381] At 09:00 UTC on October 9, Delta reached its lowest central pressure of 953 mb (28.14 inHg) and secondary peak sustained winds of 120 mph (195 km/h). On June 12 Cristobal turned into a remnant low and fully dissipated on June 13.[94][95]. The storm survived as a tropical depression as it moved up the Mississippi River Valley, until finally becoming extratropical at 03:00 UTC on June 10 over southern Wisconsin. See more of Ouragan on Facebook. Isaias caused devastating flooding and wind damage in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 1. [167] By 15:00 UTC on August 1, the cyclone had begun to weaken as it entered colder waters north of the Cabo Verde islands,[168] and it degenerated into a trough early the following morning. By September 22, it had redeveloped tropical characteristics and the NHC resumed issuing advisories shortly thereafter. After passing east of North Carolina, the system reached peak winds of 60 mph (95 km/h) as deep convection partially covered the center. Three hours later, it became extratropical while located about 450 miles southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland.[108]. Early on October 19, the NHC issued a special advisory on the system as it became more well-defined, dubbing it Tropical Depression Twenty-Seven as it became nearly stationary. [241] On September 11, despite a very harsh environment, Paulette began to re-intensify. [251] It moved eastward over the next day, and became post-tropical for the second time in its lifespan early on September 23[252] and subsequently dissipated. [245] Paulette then made a sharp turn to the north and made landfall in northeastern Bermuda at 09:00 UTC on September 14 with 90 mph (150 km/h) winds and a 973 mb (28.74 inHg) pressure. [316] Despite extremely strong shear removing all but a small convective cluster to the northeast of its center,[317] Vicky intensified further, reaching its peak intensity with 1-minute sustained winds of 50 mph (85 km/h) and a pressure of 1000 mbar (29.53 inHg) at 03:00 UTC on September 15. Operationally, it was not named until 16:00 UTC, when a hurricane hunter aircraft investigating the storm found a well-defined low-level circulation (LLC), allowing the NHC to name the system Nana. [179] The weakening cyclone's circulation became increasingly ill-defined, and Josephine eventually weakened into a trough of low pressure later that day. [409], The hurricane's large wind field prompted the issuance of a tropical storm watch for Bermuda at 15:00 UTC on October 20,[412] which was later upgraded to a warning 24 hours later. [137] By 12:00 UTC July 25, radar and data from another Hurricane Hunter Aircraft showed that Hanna had intensified into the first hurricane of the season.

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